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The Creation Process

Tammy Greer

I'm often you know what a piece will be or do you just let it happen?

Well...depends on the medium. When it comes to crochet or pretty much have to follow a pattern. Though with scarves and hats I've been known to just go on a whim and see what happens when I combine certain stitches.

When it comes to jewelry and art...that's a whole different process.  I generally start out with an idea. I can look at a canvass or a stone or a set of stones and think..."ok, I want to do this"...  but, somewhere along the way they start speaking to me. And for a change, I listen.  Art, whatever form that takes, isn't about being rigid. You have to become liquid yourself. You have to be able to form to any shape and listen to what the medium you are working with is saying. For example, I'm working on what started out to be a simple piece for the local folks to support our local college sport teams. We love our college sports here and I thought a nice simple piece available would be something popular. So I started with a design in mind about 12 hours ago. And now that design has changed 6 times and is still evolving. It went from a rudimentary design to something much more complex and elegant that could be worn on more than game day.   I listened to what it was telling me. "No, I want to be this!"  

I believe that whenever someone is creating, no matter the medium, that fluidity is vital. To be able to change and adapt during the creating process is absolutely necessary. If someone can achieve that state, then I truly believe that whatever they are making will be inspired and beautiful.

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